Eight NYC Indians Arrested for Synthetic Opioid Drug Trafficking

September 12, 2019 - Eight NYC Indians from Long Island City, Richmond Hill, Deer Park, Jamaica etc. are arrested today for distributing millions of Opioid pills imported from India.

The eight NYC Indians allegedly received and repackaged misbranded Tramadol and other drugs at a warehouse in Queens, NY and shipped to individuals and entities in the United States.

The eight NYC Indians arrested and charged in the Opioid drug trafficking case are: The eight NYC Indians have been arrested and charged with distribution of Opioid pills after an investigation into the large scale importation of misbranded controlled substances, including Tramadol, into the United States from India for about 18 months by the law enforcement agents.

According to the redacted complaint unsealed today in federal court in Brooklyn:
...As part of the scheme, distributors in India shipped misbranded Tramadol, Carisoprodol, Alprazolam and other Scheduled drugs to individuals and entities in the United Sates through the United States Postal Service ("USPS") and other couriers, after which the individuals and entities in the United States have broken down the products, repackaged them and mailed them to customers in the United States using the USPS.

..coconspirators operate using a "co-op model," in which different fictitious business entities associated with different groups of coconspirators work together, in different but overlapping capacities, to facilitate the overall drug distribution scheme. Coconspirators play different roles, with some facilitating the importation of controlled substances from India, some managing the logistics involved in developing and verifying customer lists based on orders placed with third-party entities, some coordinating the purchase or sale of the controlled substances, and some manually moving, repackaging, and mailing controlled substances. The use of a co-op model in a large-scale controlled substance importation and distribution conspiracy is common.

...In or about and between august 2018 and august 2019, law enforcement agents conducted physical and electronic surveillance ofthe warehouse multiple times per week, including through the use of a pole camera outside of the warehouse. This surveillance has shown a pattern of drug shipment activity at the Warehouse conducted, at various times, by the defendants KAMALDOSS; HARPREET SINGH, also known as "Vicky Singh" ("HARPEET"); PARTHIBIANNARAYANASAMY, also known as "Pat" ("NARAYANASAMY"); BALJEET SINGH, also known as "Sunny" ("BALJEET"); DEEPAK MANCHANDA ("MANCHANDA"); GULAB GULAB ("GULAB"); MUKUL CHUGH ("CHUGH"); and VIKAS M. VERMA ("VERMA"). The only defendant law enforcement agents have not regularly observed moving or supervising the movement of boxes that contain, or are believed to contain, drugs into the Warehouse's loading dock or from the loading dock to vehicles, including USPS vehicles that drive to the Warehouse for pickup.

.. The defendants maintained daily ledgers detailing the names, addresses, pill size and pill amounts ordered by customers and distributed millions of Tramadol pills.

....the defendants participated in a black market for prescription medications by distributing millions of opioid pills in tens of thousands of transactions in one year alone.
Charges & Potential Penalty
The charges against the eight NYC Indians include:
On the count of conspiracy to possess, the Mukul Chugh, Gulab Gulab, Deepak Manchanda, Parthiban Narayanasamy, Baljeet Singh, Harpreet Singh and Vikas M Verma face up to five years' imprisonment.

Where as Ezhil Sezhian Kamaldoss faces up to 25 years’ imprisonment if convicted.

The charges against eight NYC Indians are allegations and Mukul Chugh, Gulab Gulab, Deepak Manchanda, Parthiban Narayanasamy, Baljeet Singh, Harpreet Singh, Vikas M Verma and Ezhil Sezhian Kamaldoss must be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

Court Documents:
Opioid Drug Complaint Against Eight NYC Indians