Jobs for Indians in NYC

Finding a job if you're not a qualified/experienced IT professional is very hard for Indians living in New York City.

New York Stock Exchange (Wall St, NYC)
Plus, the slowdown in the U.S. economy over the last five years has only made a bad situation worse for NYC desi job seekers.

NYC Indians with Green Cards stand a better chance of landing a job than those on H1B Visas or without work permits.

Here are a bunch of jobs in different sectors (real estate, attorney law firms, motels, software firms, restaurants, importers etc.) that Indians in New York City can apply for.

October 20, 2020
Curry Chef and Tandoori Chef
Denver Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Work authorization
Benefits: Accommodation for singles
Call: 303-755-4284

Office Administrator
Los Angeles, CA Motel
Requirements: Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop preferred, fluency in English & Hindi
Call: 909-902-5869

Resident Manager Couple
Los Angeles, CA Motel
Requirements: Fluent English
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 661-993-5229

South Indian & Tandoori Chef
Orlando, FL Indian Restaurant
Call: 407-350-9530

Detroit Suburbs, MI Indian Restaurant
Call: 248-956-1211

General Manager
Page, AZ Motel
Requirements: Single/couple, experience
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 909-724-9080

Front Desk Agent
San Francisco Bay Area Motel
Benefits: Free accommodation
Call: 510-512-6499

Curry / Grill Chef
OH Indian Restaurant
Call: 319-855-3574

Las Vegas, NV Motel
Requirements: Legal status, must speak English & start immediately
Benefits: Accommodation & salary
Call: 702-429-5575 or 702-685-6800

Gas Station Manager
CT Gas Station
Call: 203-650-6689

Resident Manager
Eureka, CA Motel
Requirements: Couple or single, motel experience, fluent English
Call: 530-209-5785

Fayetteville, GA Indian Restaurant
Call: 678-468-5327

Curry Chef
Boston Indian Restaurant
Benefits: Pay & accommodation
Call: 781-718-1219

EMT Certified
Hackensack, NJ
Details: Night & days shifts available, must be 21
Benefits: $15/hr & benefits
Call Wkdays: 201-343-0144 from 7AM-3PM

South Indian & Tandoori Cook
OK Indian Restaurant
Benefits: Accommodation
Text: 405-399-0499

Salt Lake City, UT Motel
Requirements: Fluent English and computer skills
Benefits: Housing
Text: 435-703-0737

Resident Manager Couple
San Diego area, CA Hotel
Requirements: Strong English and computer skills
Benefits: Salary & accommodation
Text: 619-867-7988

Curry Cook & Appetizer Cook
Staten Island, NY North Indian Restaurant
Benefits: Salary & Accommodation
Call: 646-229-9951

Tandoori Cook
Ithaca, NY Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Work papers
Call: 607-692-1162

Queens, NY Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Mughalai & Tandoori experience
Call: 347-990-7320

Curry Cook
Upstate NY Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Experience
Call: 203-722-6979

NYC Indian Restaurant
Call: 718-790-3073

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