Employment for NYC Desis

Since the US economy has yet to recover completely and is still moving in fits and starts, the job market continues to be mostly sluggish.
For desis in New York City, the pressure on small businesses (the main driver of employment in the U.S.) means jobs are harder to come by for young people.

But for Indians willing to look beyond the five boroughs, there are still jobs to be found.

No matter how desperate you are, do not hand out 'fees' to employment agencies who promise you a fancy job in NYC. A lot of employment agencies are just out to make a quick buck at your expense. So be alert to employment agency scams that aim to dupe you out of your hard-earned money or steal your identity by collecting valuable personal information about you.

Here are a bunch of openings for Indians in NYC and beyond:

October 14, 2018
Yakima, WA Motel
Post: Front Desk
Requirements: Couple/single
Call: 619-846 3462
Kansas City
Post: Curry Cook
Requirements: Experience
Call: 913-444-3202

UT Motel
Posts: Manager Couple
Call: 801-427-5582
Los Angeles Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Chef
RBenefits: Salary & accommodation
Call: 714-699-4936

NC Indian Restaurant
Posts: Curry Cook
Call: 704-819-0556
NY Indian Restaurant
Post: Manager
Requirements: Experience
Call: 516-860-5308

Vestal, NY
Posts: Tandoori Chef
Requirements: Experience
Benefits: Salary & free accommodation
Call: 914-413-0775
St. Louis, MO Restaurant
Post: Tandoori Cook
Benefits: Free accommodation
Call: 314-504-4104
Seattle Indian Restaurant
Post: South Indian Curry Chef
Requirements: Experience
Benefits: Accommodation & salary
Call: 314-728-8986
Midwest Franchise Motel
Posts: Regional Manager
Call: 952-212-1705
Northern CA Indian Restaurant
Post: Chef
Requirements: Experience
Call: 408-827-1947
CA Indian Restaurant
Position: North Indian Cook
Call: 650-243-8930
AL Franchise Motel
Post: Front Desk Clerk
Requirements: Experience, couple/single
Call: 256-345-2489
Wisconsin Indian Restaurant
Posts: Tandooria
Call: 608-630-0287
Queens, NY Indian Restaurant
Post: Chef
Requirements: Mughalai & Tandoori experience
Call: 347-990-7320
Upstate NY Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Cook
Requirements: Experience
Call: 203-722-6979
San Diego Nepalese Restaurant
Post: Tandoori & Curry Cook
Requirements: Experience
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 619-993-9386
FL Indian Restaurant
Posts: Curry Cook
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 941-350-2057
FL Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry & Tandoori Chef
Perks: Accommodation
Call: 352-598-8500
Denver Indian Restaurant
Post: Chef
Call: 720-341-8444
Minneapolis, MN Motel
Post: General Manager
Requirements: Experience
Call: 651-440-6686
NY Indian Restaurant
Post:Tandoori Cook
Benefits: Housing
Call: 607-256-3425
NE Indian Restaurant
Post: Tandoori & Curry Chef
Requirements: 2-yrs experience
Call: 801-638-8878
OK Indian Restaurant
Post: Tandoori Cook
Call: 847-922-6855
WI Indian Restaurant
Post: South Indian Chef
Benefits: Food, accommodation & free internet
Call: 414-379-0727
RI Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Chef
Call: 207-992-6661
Kansas City, KS
Post: Curry Chef
Text: 913-295-1358
NY Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Cook
Call: 516-382-5872
MN Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Chef
Benefits: Accommodation & salary
Call: 651-431-0291
NY Indian Restaurant
Post: Tandoori Chef
Requirements: Experience
Call: 516-330-5025
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