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Jobs for Indians in NYC

Finding a job if you're not a qualified/experienced IT professional is very hard for Indians living in New York City.

Plus, the slowdown in the U.S. economy over the last five years has only made a bad situation worse for NYC desi job seekers.
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NYC Indians with Green Cards stand a better chance of landing a job than those on H1B Visas or without work permits.

No matter how desperate you are, do not hand out 'fees' to employment agencies who promise you a fancy job in NYC. A lot of employment agencies are just out to make a quick buck at your expense. So be alert to employment agency scams that aim to dupe you out of your hard-earned money or steal your identity by collecting valuable personal information about you.

Here are a bunch of jobs in different sectors (real estate, attorney law firms, motels, software firms, restaurants, importers etc) that Indians in New York City can apply for.

June 25, 2017
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Midtown Manhattan Restaurant
Posts: Appetizer Haandi Cook
Requirements: Curry & tandoor experience
Call: 917-202-4644
MN Indian Restaurant
Post: Manager
Call: 651-592-1838
Ashburn, VA
Post:Appetizer Chef
Benefits: Accommodation & salary
Call: 703-203-5169
VA Indian Restaurant
Post: Tandoori Cook
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 757-478-1577
Pittsburgh Indian Restaurant
Posts: Curry Chef
Requirements: Experience, work papers
Call: 412-862-7500
Oklahoma City, OK
Post: Tandoori Cook
Call: 405-633-3828
Redwood City, CA
Post: Tandoori Cook
Requirements: Experience, legal status
Call: 408-242-8467
Paramus Pharmacy, Paramus, NJ
Posts: PT/FT Pharmacy Tech
Requirements: Registered for retail pharmacy, prefer experience
Call: 201-599-3366
Fresno, CA Motel
Post: Resident Manager Couple
Requirements: Good communication skills
Benefits: Furnished apartment
Call: 559-903-1994
Orange, CA Motel
Posts: Resident Manager
Requirements: Experience & English skills
Benefits: Apartment
Call: 714-820-8003
Bergen County Law Firm, NJ
Post: Paralegal
Requirements: 5-yrs family law practice
experience, great writing & multi task skills
E-mail Resume: clphk@njlawfirm.com
Aero Ambulance, Hackensack, NJ
Posts: Medical Biller
Requirements: Prior Medicare, Logisticare
insurance experience, Rescue Net a plus
E-mail Resume: aeroambulance@aol.com
Murugan Temple Lanham, MD
Post: FT Temple Manager
Requirements: Hindu, fluent in English &
Tamil, work authorization & drivers license
E-mail: murugantemple.jobs@gmail.com
Utah Motel
Post: Motel Manager
Requirements: Singe/couple, fluent English
computer skills, management experience
Call: 435-669-5000
MN Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Chef
Benefits: Accommodation & salary
Call: 651-431-0291
NY Indian Restaurant
Post: Tandoori Chef
Requirements: Experience
Call: 516-330-5025
Virginia Beach, VA Restaurant
Post: Indian-chinese Cook
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 917-847-3633
OH Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Chef
Requirements: Work permit
Call: 330-671-1107
S. FL Indian Restaurant
Post: Tandoor Chef
Requirements: Must be legal to work
Call: 954-288-8682
KS Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Cook
Benefits: Free accommodation
Call: 913-908-7035
VA Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry & Tandoori Cook
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 540-455-0455
Utah Indian Restaurant
Posts: North & South Indian Cook
Call: 801-706-2893
NY Accounting Office
Posts: Accounting Assistant
Requirements: Experience in Accounting
or bookkeeping, communication & MS Office
skills, Quickbooks knowledge a plus
Call: 718-545-0500
KY Motel
Post: Motel Manager
Call: 646-647-0047
Vestal, NY
Posts: Tandoori Chef
Requirements: Experience
Benefits: Salary & free accommodation
Call: 914-413-0775
St. Louis, MO Restaurant
Post: Tandoori Cook
Benefits: Free accommodation
Call: 314-504-4104
Shipowners Claims Bureau, NYC
Post: Senior Accountant
Requirements: 5-yrs experience,
BS in Accounting, CPA desirable,
Excel proficiency & some insurance exp.
Contact: vicki.paradise@american-club.com
Norfolk, VA Indian Restaurant
Posts: Tandoori Cook
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 804-300-0448
Tulsa, OK
Post: Chef for Indian Restaurant
Requirements: Experience, expert in
North Indian dishes, dum biryani,
kabab, idli & dosa
Call: 240-473-2452
FL Indian Restaurant
Post:Biryani Chef
Requirements: Experience
Call: 703-309-9596
Long Beach, CA Motel
Post: Manager Couple
Requirements: English & multi-tasking skills
Benefits: Salary & apartment
Call: 562-519-1578
Los Angeles Motel
Post: Manager
Call: 562-552-1362
Olympia, WA Motel
Post: Resident Manager
Requirements: Experience & English skills
Call: 971-678-0021
FL Indian Restaurant
Post: Cook
Call: 972-352-9607
MA Indian Restaurant
Posts: Tandoori Chef
Requirements: Experience
Call: 413-522-1550
NC Franchise Hotel
Post: Night Auditor
Call: 860-882-3719
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