Jobs for Indians in NYC

Finding a job if you're not a qualified/experienced IT professional is very hard for Indians living in New York City.

New York Stock Exchange (Wall St, NYC)
Plus, the slowdown in the U.S. economy over the last five years has only made a bad situation worse for NYC desi job seekers.

NYC Indians with Green Cards stand a better chance of landing a job than those on H1B Visas or without work permits.

Here are a bunch of jobs in different sectors (real estate, attorney law firms, motels, software firms, restaurants, importers etc.) that Indians in New York City can apply for.

December 17, 2017
Minneapolis, MN Motel
Post: General Manager
Requirements: Experience
Call: 651-440-6686
NY Indian Restaurant
Post:Tandoori Cook
Benefits: Housing
Call: 607-256-3425
OH Indian Restaurant
Posts: Food Runner
Call: 614-766-2233
Houston Indian Restaurant
Posts: Veg. Chef
Call: 440-832-1417

Northern CA Indian Restaurant
Post: Chef
Requirements: Experience
Call: 408-827-1947
CA Indian Restaurant
Position: North Indian Cook
Call: 650-243-8930
Heartland Alliance Chicago Jobs for Hindi Speakers
Clcik here for details

Queens, NY Indian Restaurant
Post: Chef
Requirements: Mughalai & Tandoori experience
Call: 347-990-7320
Upstate NY Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Cook
Requirements: Experience
Call: 203-722-6979
FL Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry/Tandoori Chef
Requirements: Experience
Call: 954-643-3599
Kansas Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry & Tandoori Chef
Call: 816-491-6009
FL Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Chef
Benefits: Salary & accommodation
Requirements: Experience
Call: 239-565-5039
Queens, NY Clothing Store
Post: Sales Person
Requirements: Experience, fluent English
basic computer & good communication skills
Call: 516-241-0426
NY Accounting Office
Posts: Accounting Assistant
Requirements: Experience in Accounting
or bookkeeping, communication & MS Office
skills, Quickbooks knowledge a plus
Call: 718-545-0500
KY Motel
Post: Motel Manager
Call: 646-647-0047
Syosset, NY
Posts: Bookkeeper
Requirements: Knowledge of computer &
accounting program
Call: 516-921-4440
Long Island Indian Restaurant
Post: Curry Chef
Call: 516-857-0052
FL Indian Restaurant
Posts: Curry Cook
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 941-350-2057
MD Indian Restaurant
Post: Chef
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 443-558-6196
Fresno, CA Motel
Post: Resident Manager Couple
Requirements: Motel experience, computer
& customer service skills
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 559-917-0210
Maywood, CA Motel
Post: Resident Manager Couple
Requirements: Fluent English & prefer
1-2yrs motel management experience
Benefits: 2-BR accommodation
Call: 310-997-8505
Los Angeles, CA Motel
Post: Front Desk Agent
Requirements: English & computer skills
Benefits: Boarding
Call: 323-635-8391
San Jose, CA Motel 6
Post: Front Desk Clerk
Requirements: English & computer skills
Call: 917-854-2746
Austin, TX
Post: Curry Chef
Call: 512-568-5404
Boston Indian Restaurant
Posts: Curry Chef
Call: 781-789-9096
San Diego Nepalese Restaurant
Post: Tandoori & Curry Cook
Requirements: Experience
Benefits: Accommodation
Call: 619-993-9386
Boardman, OR Motel
Post: Motel Manager
Details: 20-room motel, will train on system
Benefits: 4-BR apartment with big backyard
Call: 541-701-4272
MA Indian Restaurant
Posts: Tandoori Chef
Requirements: Experience
Call: 413-522-1550
NC Franchise Hotel
Post: Night Auditor
Call: 860-882-3719
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