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Bhojan NYC Indian Restaurant

Bhojan NYC
102 Lexington Avenue
(Btwn 27th & 28th St)
New York, NY 10016

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bhojan nyc lexington avenue

Bhojan NYC Review: A Plague on NYC Diners - Spoiled Chutney, Stale Samosas, Lousy Food, Bad Sweets

Some NYC Indian restaurants exhibit a weird personality disorder - They sport a fancy decor but when it comes to food they rain misery on customers as if Bad Appetit were their credo.

Mon dieu, after tasting an array of dishes and sweets from Bhojan Kosher vegetarian Indian restaurant on Lexington Avenue, we marveled at the chutzpah of this NYC restaurant for serving spoiled and stale food to diners and then daring to charge them.
Sure, bad Indian restaurants in the U.S. are choc-a-bloc but restaurants serving spoiled stuff to customers are still mercifully an exception than the norm.

Serving spoiled, stale food displays a contemptuous disdain toward paying diners. A sad reflection of the festering rot within the warped soul of the restaurant.

Spoiled Green Chutney

In a disgusting, wanton act of cruelty, the Green chutney that came as an accompaniment with our order of Samosa and Mirchi Bajji was spoiled. It smelled bad and tasted awful.

How restaurants can be so callous as to serve spoiled fare to diners knowing well the harmful health consequences we'll never understand.

If a restaurant cannot serve fresh, unspoiled Green Chutney after charging $5.00 each for a plate of two Samosas or a pair of Mirchi Bajji the obvious question paying customers should, and likely would, ask is "Why does this dump even exist."

If an NYC Indian restaurant like Bhojan can't get the humble Green Chutney right, what chance is there of it getting the other stuff right.

Stale Samosa and Sweetish Mirchi Bajji

As if the spoiled Green Chutney were not bad enough, the light brown-colored potato filling inside the Samosa had a stale taste and we wouldn't be in the least surprised to learn of its origins in the days when fierce sabre-toothed tigers and gigantic dinosaurs stalked our planet.

bhojan nyc stale samosa
Stale Samosa
bhojan nyc spoiled green chutney, sweetish mirchi bajji
Sweetish Mirchi Bajii,
Spoiled Green Chutney (top left)
Mirchi Bajji, our second appetizer, yielded no pleasure owing to its sweetish flavor. Horror of horrors, the bozos had used sweet peppers to make the Mirchi Bajji. It was a tragedy like few others.

Oily, Tasteless Curries

Any hope that we'd find our Nirvana in the entrees quickly vanished at the sight of the BPesque oil spill in the curries.

Bhojan's Simla Alu Gobi resembled an oil slick with a thick layer of red color oil floating on top. It was neither tasty nor spicy. Both the Capsicum and Gobi pieces had a raw incompletely cooked taste as if they were added as an after thought to a pre-cooked curry paste.

bhojan lexington avenue oily simla alu gobi
Oil Slick or Simla Alu Gobi
bhojan nyc indian restaurant oily malai kofta
Oil Gush or Malai Kofta
Compounding our misery, the Chapathis were too thick.

We did not get much relief even from the Paratha.

With trepidation in our heart, we then dipped into the Malai Kofta.

Alas, we struck yet another pothole in what seemed like an endless series of missteps from Bhojan. Desperate hope now turned into dreadful despair.

Malai Kofta is usually vegetable kofta balls set in a creamy delicious sauce. While we did not see any evidence of creamy sauce, Bhojan's Malai Kofta like the Simla Alu Gobi turned out to be a flavorless oily reddish mess.

There were problems galore with Bhojan's Malai Kofta.

Bad Desserts

With nemesis dogging our heels, we turned our attention toward desserts.

Given our penchant for all things sweet, we fell upon Bhojan's sweets only to recoil in horror after the first bite into Anjeer (an old favorite).

bhojan nyc indian restaurant bad sweetsBad Sweets
Folks, if like us you have an abiding love affair with Indian sweets then you must pay a visit to Maharaja Sweets in Jackson Heights, NY or Mithaas in Brooklyn for a glimpse of heaven.

Unwelcome Practices

The sweets are $9 per pound for a single variety but go upto $12 if you want an assorted set.

Not kosher, right?

Rating - Not for Humans

With its stale, spoiled and crappy offerings, Bhojan NYC on Lexington Avenue belies the promise of a nice Indian meal.

Dirge in our heart and with a significantly lighter wallet, we concluded that the food at Bhojan NYC on Lexington Avenue is not fit for human consumption. - © NYIndia.us

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