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Maharaja Sweets NYC

Maharaja Sweets
73-10 37th Avenue
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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maharaja sweets nyc

Maharaja Sweets NYC Review: Delicious Indian Sweets

From the outside and on the inside as well, Maharaja Sweets and Snacks on 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights, NY sports a most unimpressive look.

The whole area near 37th Ave and 74th St in Jackson Heights is dirty and crowded with NYC desis because of the high concentration of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi grocery stores, jewelers, fashion stores and restaurants.

But we were there at Maharaja Sweets for an express purpose - To see if the sweets and snacks here were as good as we remembered them from our last visit to the place a few years back.

The glass case to your left as you enter the store is filled with a gazillion varieties of sweets. With such a vast choice, we experienced difficulty in picking the ones we wanted to try.

Here's our verdict after sampling Maharaja's sweets and snacks: Indeed, the sweets and snacks at Maharaja are still superb.

Delicious Sweets

Gluttons that we are for all things sweet, we dug into a variety of sweets including Kaju Katli, Kalakhand, Badam Pista Roll, Pink Sandwich, Maharaja Sandwich, Anjeer et al.

Without exception, all the sweets we tasted had a fresh flavor and divine taste.

Not the stale and smelly stuff we have encountered at a few other Indian places in New York and New Jersey.

Kaju Katli and Almond Burfi had the right hardness and a wonderful taste.

The brownish-hued Anjeer Burfi is the kind of stuff designed to draw repeat visitors.

Again and again, we were swept away.

The two varieties of Kalakhand we tasted had a remarkable textural softness and were an epicurean's delight.

In a succession of triumphs, the Kaju Pista Roll and Badam Pista Roll tasted as if they had just been taken off the stove. So fresh and so yummy.

Nice Snacks

The crisp Spinach-Onion Pakoras with Dhania seeds and the accompaniment of Green Chutney and Tamarind sauce sent us into a drooling, orgasmic fit of ecstasy.

Samosas tasted fresh. The potato filling with Jeera and ginger seasoning was extremely flavorful.

The spicy Green Chutney added a nice zing to both Samosas and the Pakoras.

Great Masala Chai

You'd be a fool not to order the Masala Chai at Maharaja.

While we were there, the weather was awfully cold.

And the hot Masala Chai with a strong flavor of cardamom was a perfect antidote for the chilly weather. Milk, tea leaves, water and the Indian spices that go into Masala Chai were perfectly proportioned.

So-So Service

Although we didn't encounter poor service, we watched an elderly man rudely rebuffed by the saleswoman when he wanted to buy a sweet placed in the tray on the countertop rather than the same sweet inside the pre-packed box.

Maharaja Sweets NYC Rating

If you ignore the single instance of poor service, the sweets and snacks at Maharaja are to, deploy a cliche, fit for a Maharaja

We can't wait to return to Maharaja. - © NYIndia.us

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