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Chandni Restaurant NYC

Chandni Restaurant
13 West 29th St
(Bet Broadway & 5th Ave)
New York, NY 10001

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Chandni Pakistani Restaurant nyc

Chandni Restaurant NYC: Yummy Gobi Paratha Breakfast

Chandni Indian-Pakistani restaurant on West 29th St has been on my agenda for a long time.

The other day while shopping at Whole Foods Market on West 24th St around 8:30AM, hunger pangs struck me hard. I remembered reading that Chandni opens early and serves breakfast.

So off to Chandni I headed to check out its breakfast offerings.

Chandni Breakfast Menu

Chandni's breakfast menu includes a variety of Parathas and Omelette.

Chandni Restaurant NYC Menu © nyindia.usBreakfast Menu
Parathas are priced from $1.99 to $3.99.

Though different Parathas including Gobi, Mooli, Aloo and Keema are listed on Chandni's breakfast menu, I was forced to settle for Gobi Paratha ($3.99) since it was the only one available during my visit.

Gobi Paratha

My Gobi Paratha arrived about 10 minutes after my order.

Chandni Restaurant NYC Gobi Paratha © nyindia.usGobi Paratha - $3.99
Hot and with a freshly prepared texture, Gobi Paratha was yummy.

It came with a delicious Mint/Cilantro Raitha and a cup of hot tea on the side.

Chandni Restaurant NYC Gobi Paratha © nyindia.usGobi Paratha - Inside Story
Gobi Paratha was big and the inside stuffing included crushed cauliflower, herbs (basil leaves??), crushed red chilli and sliced onion.

The stuffing was evenly spread inside the Paratha and packed the right amount of heat and spice for Indian palates.

Chandni Restaurant NYC Gobi Paratha © nyindia.usGobi Paratha with Tea and Raitha
I was in ecstasy!

It was easily the most authentic Paratha I have had in NYC in years.

It is ironic that a Pakistani restaurant serves yummy Indian bread in NYC rather than an Indian restaurant.

Most NYC Indian restaurants dumb down on spices in their eagerness to please effete American palates resulting in spice neutered, awful, disgustingly bland Indian food.

Raitha was fresh, spicy and enhanced the taste of Gobi Paratha.

Tea was piping hot and I had no complaints with it either.

Ambiance & Service

Chandni was quiet when I walked in around 8:45AM on a chilly morning.

There was just one other diner sipping tea. During my visit, two Americans came in for takeout.

Chandni Restaurant NYC © nyindia.us
As you enter the restaurant, you have 14 tables up front, and cash and food counters at the rear.

A big-screen TV was showing Haj piligrims visiting Mecca in an endless loop.

Chandni Restaurant NYC © nyindia.usChandni NYC Counter
The restaurant and tables were clean. You go to the counter, check the menu on the wall, place your order, pay and wait at a table for your breakfast to be ready.

My Gobi Paratha order came in a large round steel tray with Paratha on a paper plate and raitha and tea on the side.

The lady and gentleman at the counter were courteous and handled my order in a professional manner - a refreshing experience since service at most NYC Indian restaurants sucks and the staff is often surly.

Chandni NYC Rating

Since Chandni is a Pakistani restaurant, they serve Beef curries (which my cow-worshipping, fellow Indians abhor).

If you are passionate about good, spicy Indian food as I am, don't delay your trip to Chandni on West 29th St in NYC.

As for me, I intend to revisit Chandni soon, and this time it'll be for lunch to check out their grilled items. Chandni is open from 7:45AM to 4AM on all days.- © NYIndia.us

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