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Jewel of India NYC

Jewel of India, NYC
15 W44 th St
(Btwn 5th & 6th Ave. Near Times Square
New York, NY 10036

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jewel of india nyc

Jewel of India NYC Review: Cruel Joke of India

Is it the Jewel of India or Joke of India?

Joke of India. Yes, that would be an appropriate name for this horrid Indian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan that plays a cruel joke on hapless diners by calling itself Jewel of India.

Joke of India, oops we mean Jewel of India is an equal opportunity offender because both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food get the same shoddy treatment here.

Our meal at Jewel of India was a series of letdowns, big and small. Stepping on one landmine after another, we came out of our meal at Jewel of India badly mauled and cursing our luck.

Awful Dal Makhani, Tasteless Alu Gobi
One of the most common Indian food items, Dal Makhani should be a piece of cake for any chef. But Jewel of India failed at this most elementary item sending out a tepid Dal Makhani that can only be described as an inedibly bland disaster.

Alu Gobi (Cauliflower with Potatoes) was a tasteless, flavorless monstrosity that left us miserable.

It seemed like a few pieces of Gobi (cauliflower) and Alu (potatoes) had been hastily cobbled together, thrown into the pot for a few brief minutes and rushed out by an impatient chef. Did the chef even bother to add ingredients like fresh ginger, onion and spices into the cooking pot at all? Judging by the taste, we have our doubts. When prepared with care, Alu Gobi is a fine curry not to be missed.

Bad Chicken Tikka Masala
The orange-red Chicken Tikka Masala was a hopeless mess with hard chicken cubes in a way-too-sour and thick mass of sauce. To lay out a Chicken Tikka Masala this bad before diners was an act of stunning cruelty.

Crisp Naan
The Garlic Naan was far too crispy and brittle to give us any pleasure.

How could this place call itself an Indian restaurant let alone Jewel of India?

Buna Ghosht
Buna Ghosht was another merciless assault that the folks in Jewel of India's kitchen launched on our tastebuds.

Neither tender nor tasty, this lukewarm lamb item was outrageously bad. Only an inept kitchen would place such an item before diners. The spices had not seeped into the meat and clearly little effort seems to have gone into into marinating the meat. With Naan or with rice, Buna Ghosht was equally bad.

We looked heavenward and wondered whether our misery would ever end.

Channa Palak, Karahi Paneer, Tandoori Chicken
Channa Palak was among the few palatable items in our meal. In our experience, few Indian restaurants in New York are able to make a decent Palak dish. While not extraordinary, Channa Palak at Jewel of India is one of the better Palak items we've had in New York.

Karahi Paneer with capsicum and onion was a little on the sour side but just about edible.
One of the few nice items in an overall disappointing meal at Jewel of India was the Tandoori Chicken. The meat was tender and juicy and left us hankering for more.

Bad Desserts
Jewel of India's desserts brought us close to tears.

Both Gulab Jamun and Sevia Kheer were so bad that we wouldn't offer them to our worst enemies.

Gulab Jamun was partially cooked inside while the syrup probably had enough sugar in it from all the sugar plantations in the Carribean.

Sevia Kheer was a sweetless abomination of which we won'tt say more because the very thought of it leaves us in a sputtering rage.

Our Pomegranate Martini ($12) was nothing to rave about.

Dirty Plates, Poor Service
It'ts not just the mediocre food that got our goat at this spacious Indian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan on W44th St near Times Square. It was also the overall carelessness and indifference to diners that got us in a high dudgeon here.

Some of the eating plates had black spots on them and one of our water glasses came to our table with a mysterious yellow spot on the outside.

Our Bangladeshi waiter was indifferent and got us the check without asking whether we wanted anything else.

Jewel of Inda NYC Rating
Jewel of India provides no relief from the torment of bad Indian restaurants in New York.

Overall, we found no jewels at the Jewel of India only big lumps of coal. - © NYIndia.us

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